8 Unexpected Rules That We Should Follow While Eating in a Foreign Country

8-unexpected-rules-that-we-should-follow-while-eating-in-a-foreign-country cool stuff

7. A clean teapot is a teapot without a soul in China.

In China, people don’t wash teapots with dish detergent. It’s washed with water or special sand. The resulting plaque is considered to be the tea’s soul, which is why it’s prohibited to “kill” it with various chemicals. cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff for girls

6. In Italy, you’ll insult the chef if you ask for extra cheese.

We can’t imagine pizza or pasta without some extra cheese. And though Italians love this product, it’s better to not ask for extra cheese. It may insult the chef because it means to them that you don’t like the dish as they’ve prepared it and you want to change it.

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