8 Unexpected Rules That We Should Follow While Eating in a Foreign Country

8-unexpected-rules-that-we-should-follow-while-eating-in-a-foreign-country cool stuff

3. Did you like a dish? In China, don’t finish eating everything on your plate.

If we like a dish, we often finish it to show that it was really tasty. In China, it’s impolite to finish eating everything on your plate. Empty plates indicate that a host hasn’t served enough food and guests are still hungry. So if you want to compliment a chef or a host, it’s recommended that you leave some food on your plate no matter how tasty it is.

2. Tea etiquette in Great Britain

Almost everyone knows that there’s a tradition in Great Britain of drinking tea at 5 PM. But not many people know how British people actually drink tea. First, they usually add milk. Second, they prefer their tea cool, not hot. Third, stirring a cup of tea is done gently and noiselessly in the center of the cup.

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